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LTC – Litecoin Taking the Bitcoin Baton?

Follow the Money!

Through Bitcoin, the crypto marketplace has expanded by billions each of the last four days.  With everyone scared to be the last guy holding the Bitcoin Bubble Bag, the difficulty for noobs to move money into safe havens, and the fear of a mass failure of USDT money has to start flowing from BTC into more stable coins.  These are often the coins that were left out of the last four days of appreciation.

LTC is making big moves.  When looking at the candles it seems to be following the same type of trading patters as we have seen in BTC since the December 4th.  LTC is sitting at $127.30 as of 8:36am pacific!

New money rushing in!


Update 8:50 am pacific: $122.12

Volume still strong, but price slipping a bit:

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